HSS 371

Professor D. Schmüdde

Spring Semester 2019

Atari Mega STE
February 16, 2019

The Secret History of Women in Coding


The New York Times just published this piece related to our discussion on Friday. An excerpt:

When the number of coding jobs exploded in the ’50s and ’60s as companies began relying on software to process payrolls and crunch data, men had no special advantage in being hired. As Wilkes had discovered, employers simply looked for candidates who were logical, good at math and meticulous. And in this respect, gender stereotypes worked in women’s favor: Some executives argued that women’s traditional expertise at painstaking activities like knitting and weaving manifested precisely this mind-set. (The 1968 book “Your Career in Computers” stated that people who like “cooking from a cookbook” make good programmers.)

~ Clive Thompson The Secret History of Women in Coding

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